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On behalf of our residents, Watterson Park contracts for the following services:


Sanitation services for the residents of the City of Watterson Park are currently provided by Industrial Disposal (ID). Each residence has been supplied with the appropriate containers to be used for trash and recycling. Garbage is picked up at the curb every Friday. Recycling and composting occur on alternating Fridays each month. In addition, large junk pick-ups are scheduled semi-annually. For specific sanitation services guidelines for Watterson Park, please click here. If you need additional information, call Industrial Disposal at 502.638.9000 or check their website.

Yard Waste

Beginning January 1, 2015, environmentally friendly, biodegradable/compostable bags are the only types of bags permitted for the collection and disposal of yard waste materials in Metro Louisville. Residents may still use self-enclosed containers, carts, and cans as well as tied-and-bundled, easy-to-handle twigs and branches.

Industrial Disposal will not pick up yard waste that is in a non-forming container.

For a Citizens Guide to Yard Waste courtesy of Metro Louisville, click here.


Street Lights

Watterson Park contracts with LG&E for all street lights on our streets. If you have any questions or concerns about a street light in our City, you can contact LG&E directly via their website or by phone at 502.589.1444.

CATV Services

Watterson Park currently has a franchise agreement with Insight Communications Company to provide CATV service for our city. Insight has recently been purchased by Time Warner Cable Inc. We will negotiate a new agreement once Time Warner officially takes over.

Mowing Rights-of-Way

Watterson Park currently contracts with County Wide Lawn & Landscaping to provide weekly mowing of our rights-of-way and to maintain our City-owned properties. You can reach them at 502. 612.4581.

Road Paving and Repair

The City of Watterson Park is responsible for maintaining all streets within our City boundaries. Working with the engineering firm of Birch, Trautwein and Mimms, we bid paving jobs as the need arises. If you know of a road in our City that needs repairs, don't hesitate to call the City line at 502.458.7613 or Contact Us via this website to make us aware of the needed repairs.

Snow Removal

County Wide Lawn & Landscaping provides salt and snow plowing for the City when there is significant snowfall. You can help insure that the streets are properly cleared of snow by parking off the streets when snowfall and/or ice is forecast.




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February 12, 2018...
City Council Meeting, Jefferson County Farm Bureau, 4200 Gardiner View Ave., 7 p.m.

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